Aeromaster WindRow Covers

Moisture Guard

Moisture Guard compost windrow covers help maintain the optimum composting environment within the windrow by protecting the material from adverse weather and harmful ultraviolet light from the sun. Moisture Guard Covers reduce the impact of temperature extremes, shed excess rainfall or snow melt, and reduce moisture loss from wind and sun - without restricting the flow of oxygen, carbon dioxide (CO2) or water vapor.

Windrow covers protect the environment by keeping rainfall from leaching nutrients from the compost into the soil and ground water. Row covers also keep ultraviolet rays from the sun from harming the microbial population that is essential for making compost.

Moisture Guard compost windrow covers help you maintain control of the composting process and reduce the overall compost production cycle time.

Available Sizes

Mechanically bonded continuous filament non-woven fabric from 100% ploypropylene
Small Windrow Cover: 13.2 ft x 328 ft (4 m x 100 m)
Large Windrow Cover: 16.4 ft x 328 ft (5 m x 100 m)
Weight: 200 Grams/m2
Strip Tensile Strength: 12.5 kN/m

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